Contact Us

Adam Hergenrother
Operating Principal/CEO/Realtor®

Sarah Hergenrother

Shannon Benway | 802.488.3469 |
Realtor®/Listing Specialist 

Blair Knowles | 802.488.3475 |
Realtor®/Listing Specialist 

Keeley Higgins | 802.488.3465 |
Realtor®/Listing Manager

Jonathon Templeton | 802.488.3487 |
Realtor®/VP of Commercial Assets/Buyer Specialist

Tom Martin | 802.488.6421 |
Realtor®/Buyer Specialist

Joe Regan | 802.488.3415 |
Realtor®/Buyer Specialist

Nicole Rock | 802.488.3454 |
Executive Assistant

Forrest Cochran | 802-488-3412 |
Closing Coordinator

4 responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Conny says :

    Would like contact w/someone regarding placing on market a 2 bedroom, 1 bath condo in 5 unit building in Montpelier, VT please. Thank you!

  2. April Lambert says :

    I would like to talk to someone about selling my home.

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