Vermont Facts

  1. Vermont is the largest producer of maple syrup in the U.S., producing over 500,000 gallons a year.
  2. Vermont’s capitol city, Montpelier,  is the smallest state capital in the U.S. , with a population of less than 9,000 people.  And it is the only state capitol without a McDonald’s.
  3. Vermont has one of the largest number of ski resorts and ski areas in the U.S.
  4. The following movies were at least partially filmed in Vermont: The Spitfire Grill, Beetlejuice, Where The Rivers Flow North, The Cider House Rules, The Haven, Me, Myself and Irene, Frozen Impact, Forrest Gump, and What Lies Beneath
  5. Vermont is one of only four U.S. states that does not allow billboard advertising. The other three are:  Alaska, Hawaii and Maine.
  6. Ben & Jerry’s founder’s Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield started their ice cream empire in 1978 in a renovated Burlington gas station.
  7. In ratio of cows to people, Vermont has the greatest number of dairy cows in the country.
  8. The name of the state comes from “verts monts,” French for green mountains.
  9. Vermont-born U.S. president Calvin Coolidge was the only president to be born on the 4th of July.
  10. The singing Von Trapp family – whose flight from Austria was made famous in the movie “The Sound of Music” – eventually settled in Stowe, Vermont.

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